Saudi Pak Tower, Islamabad

The Saudi Pak Tower, the first multistorey building in Islamabad, stands as an iconic structure in the city's skyline. Designed by Nayar Ali Dada, the modern architectural marvel draws inspiration from Islamic aesthetics, featuring blue tiles, white perforated grills, and intricate geometric patterns. In 2017, as part of a reconstruction project, three custom-designed SMEC elevators were installed in the tower. These medium-speed elevators boast the latest artificially intelligent group control system, optimizing vertical traffic management and enhancing the efficiency of this high-occupancy building.

TF Complex, Islamabad

Taking inspiration from a computer screen, the TF complex sets itself apart from traditional building designs. Initially contracted to supply three cutting-edge elevators for the main building, JPL later secured an additional contract for three units to serve the extension. These elevators have proven their durability over time, delivering seamless operation for the client even after 15 years of service.

Dolmen Mall, Karachi

Dolmen Mall, Pakistan's pioneering international-level shopping destination, revolutionized the country's real estate sector with its contemporary approach to shopping complexes. Setting new benchmarks for purpose-built malls, it propelled Pakistan into the 21st century. In 2005, JPL secured the contract to supply and install all elevators and escalators for this mixed-use complex, successfully delivering on its commitment.

Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute, Lahore

Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute (PKLI), is Pakistan's premier purpose-built tertiary care hospital, stands as the country's largest facility adhering to international standards. With a specialization in Kidney and Liver diseases, including organ transplants, KLI plays a vital role in healthcare. In 2017, JPL was entrusted with the contract to provide, install, and manage thirty elevators, encompassing hospital bed lifts and passenger lifts, along with eight semi-outdoor escalators.

Lyallpur Galleria Mall, Faisalabad

Lyallpur Galleria Mall, nestled in the heart of Faisalabad, exudes timeless charm with its homage to classical British architecture. It stands as an iconic shopping destination, boasting the distinction of Pakistan's first four fully outdoor escalators. Designed and manufactured by SMEC, these escalators are engineered to operate seamlessly in any weather condition, including rain, offering uninterrupted convenience and accessibility to visitors.

Agha Khan Hospital, Karachi

Agha Khan Hospital, a renowned institution in Pakistan's healthcare sector, stands tall as one of the country's top hospitals. Its distinctive architecture draws inspiration from the warm earthy hues of the desert landscape. JPL was entrusted with the task of supplying three key bed elevators for the hospital, tailored with customized interiors and finishes to complement the ambiance and theme of the building, catering to the specific needs of patients.

Arfa Technology Park, Lahore

Arfa Technology Park, conceived as a pioneering IT development and technology hub, became Pakistan's first high-rise constructed by China State Engineering and Construction Corporation. JPL was entrusted with the contract in 2008 to deliver cutting-edge technology, including six high-speed passenger elevators and two medium-speed observation elevators. These elevators were seamlessly integrated with the building management services, enabling remote monitoring and control of the elevators for enhanced operational efficiency.

Askari Housing Directorate

Jeewajee (Pvt) Ltd (JPL) takes immense pride in successfully delivering and completing the esteemed Askari Housing Directorate project. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we executed this project with precision and timeliness, ensuring the provision of top-quality housing solutions to the dedicated military personnel and their families. With our unwavering dedication and expertise in the vertical transportation and power generation industry, we contributed significantly to the creation of a safe, comfortable, and modern living environment for the esteemed members of the armed forces community. This accomplishment stands as a shining example of our capability to undertake and execute large-scale projects, leaving a lasting positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

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