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Image (10)COMPANY VISION To be the leader’s in providing State of the Art Elevators and Escalators, mindful of its customers, the society and the environment. Jeewajee (Pvt) Ltd (JPL) was established in 1973 with a goal in mind of becoming a renowned name in the field of vertical transportation in Pakistan.

Our goal over the last four decades has turned from a dream into a concrete reality. By grace of Allah and tremendous support of our partners, we are now renowned as one of the leading companies in Pakistan in this sector. The journey has not been easy but as the saying goes “Any job worth doing is a job worth doing well”.

With our team of dedicated┬áprofessionals and visionary leadership, JPL a market leader. As the world’s and Pakistan’s infrastructure develops skywards, we as one of the oldest companies in Pakistan in this field, have undertaken various projects to further professionalize this sector.

These include, but are not limited to, vocational training in the field of elevators and escalators, ensuring strict Q&S policies and doing its part in following international standards in all its professional endeavors. We, as a socially responsible company, are very excited about the future and are always striving to be fully prepared to meet the challenges of what it may hold.





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