Your affiliate onboarding: 5 success methods


Get to know your partners by picking up the phone, hold team huddles, and develop an onboarding journey for new publishers such as welcome packs and introductory video chats. You should decide on several tangible customer onboarding goals and track whether your current setup allows you to reach them. Have a team meeting to discuss what actions or metrics, in your case, would indicate that the onboarding process was a success (time to value, churn, customer effort score, etc.).

what is affiliate onboarding

In this post, we share how we built the programme and the impact it’s had on employee experience, one year on. As we saw in the examples above, the customer onboarding affiliate onboarding flow depends on the business structure. If interactions mostly happen online, one can expect to see elements like registration, email confirmation, or setup tutorials.

Customer onboarding examples

Create your own campaigns with tracking codes to use in Adwords and email campaigns. Track social shares of your products or content with our sharing widget. As a customer success manager, make sure to count the number of tickets incoming from the new users and customers during the onboarding process. It’s good to see whether the number is reduced once the newbies adopt the product.

We’ll help you quickly and easily build a team of affiliates to resell your product. You can’t craft the perfect customer onboarding experience without actually talking to your customers. The product, as well as the audience, keeps changing with time, so onboarding also shouldn’t be static. To determine a customer engagement rate, identify the key metrics or events that will be indicators of customer or user engagement at the onboarding stage.

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For services received in person, there would probably be meetings, tours, or live demonstrations instead. Ask your customers and users to rate your product or service when they are through an essential step of their journey with you. It may be the AHA moment when the user realizes you were the right choice.

what is affiliate onboarding

Onboarding is like a courting period in your relationship with a customer. Sounds nice, yet—just like in any relationship—many things can go wrong. You can be too complex, and the customer will soon tire of guessing how to use your product.

Leverage your customer vocabulary

All my colleagues were so helpful and friendly, ensuring that I was encouraged and fully supported in such a new and different environment. I knew from my first day at Silverbean it was going to be somewhere I feel comfortable and confident in working. The facilities and working culture here is something desired for an ideal workplace along with plenty of useful training throughout the onboarding experience. Perhaps one of the most important tactics you can employ when managing your affiliate network is simply communication.