Marriage Traditions in South America


In south usa there are several marriage traditions available. It’s important to find a handful of them which have been a reflection of who you happen to be as a few.

Wedding ceremony Bands

Certainly one of lovefort credits the most crucial and well-liked wedding practices in south america has on diamond wedding rings. These are usually granted as signifies to the bride and groom, though certainly not everyone is waiting until the wedding ceremony to put on their jewelry.


Another important Latina American traditions is the using of a rosary. In some countries, including Mexico, a rosary can be wrapped surrounding the necks belonging to the soon-to-be husband and star of the wedding before they are married to symbolize all their love for each and every other.

Guests Approach Outside

A fun and passionate Hispanic tradition may be the movement outdoors of your church or other location after the feast day to symbolize fertility and good fortune. Guests throw rice or bird seeds to symbolize their particular blessings and happiness for the purpose of the couple.


The bride and groom may choose to experience “compadres” in their wedding who also act as teachers in their fresh life jointly. The compadres will be the kinds to uphold them through all their trials and tribulations, giving support and guidance.


The couples’ closest friends and family are also a huge part of their very own wedding ceremony. They often have assignments of godparents, but may also become bridesmaids or perhaps groomsmen.

Guests Pin Money

In Puerto Rebosante, a doll dressed in the bride’s clothing is displayed in the reception and guests supply the couple money by pinning bills onto her clothes.